What is Medical Canvassing?

We thoroughly investigate your claim saving you more time and money.

Undisclosed previous injury or illness treatment searches can include multiple locations including hospitals, pharmacies, walk-in clinics, and orthopedic facilities.

We search for the 12 closest providers under each specialty requested within a 50 mile radius of the requested search area.

Undisclosed address history and alias findings will be reported back to the client as potential additional undisclosed previous injury or illness treatment searches.

Medical Canvassing also works with General Liability Claims, Auto Claims and Short & Long Term Disability Claims. 

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Medical Canvassing helps you determine if a pre-existing condition existed BEFORE approving an injury claim.

Expedite offers a medical canvassing service for workers’ compensation, self-insured and self-administered clients, attorneys, insurance companies and investigators.

The medical canvasser performs several varieties of searches nationwide including searches for undisclosed previous injury or illness treatments, undisclosed address histories, and aliases.


Pricing Options - 12 locations per provider type

1. With Records Specialty Search-HIPAA Required: $200 per Specialty

2. Without Records Specialty Search: $150 per Specialty; 3 or more $100 per Specialty